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EIM and the NIPTA queue timeout functionality

When we receive emails after hours and or no agents are logged in the emails are ending up in the NIPTA queue.  We have the necessary workflows in place and work correctly.


I can look at the audit trail and see the emails come in, the case gets created, hits the workflow and is routed properly.


It then looks like if no one is available the email is dumped into the NIPTA queue.  How can I change the "timeout" feature to stop it from going into NIPTA. but rather remain in the queue.


Does it have to end up in the NIPTA queue or can I point it to an exception queue.  When our agents log in they are unable to see, or access the emails in the NIPTA queue becasue they are all IPTA.

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Is this UCCE integrated queue

Is this UCCE integrated queue?

You can set the 'Time in Queue' to a large number of seconds for CIM MRD.

In you ICM script after the QueuetoSkill node add a wait time. Your email will stay in Queue till the agent logs in next time.

Usually, you don't need NIPTA. The mails not routed by ICM script will end up in exception queue (along with lots of other geniuine exception mails).

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