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EIM e-mail Address Directory LDAP Integration

We are a Cisco Partner and have a EIM 4.3(2)ES9 integrated installation.

Out of the box, the EIM e-mail address directory is automatically populated from the inbound e-mail return addresses for each agent.  For this contact center and outbound replies, agents need to cc: various internal company e-mail addresses that never would send anything inbound.  These addresses never get entered into the directory.  This becomes a manual entry into the agent reply and it would be highly desirable to have these addresses in the EIM directory.

We would like to either manually load a table of e-mail addresses into the EIM e-mail directory, or alternatively do a LDAP integration.  We've looked briefly at the database structure.  We've determined this would take some level of reverse engineering effort to properly do this. 

Is there a documented way to do this EIM directory integration (Static or LDAP)?

Is this something other companies have done, and if so, how did you go about this?

Is there an eGain or Cisco PS path to follow to get this done?

Thanks in advance for everyone looking at this.


EIM e-mail Address Directory LDAP Integration

If you are Cisco Partner, Please open a PDI case at to get a confirmation on it from Cisco/eGain.

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