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EIM/WIM multiple classifications problem - alarm node


I need some piece of advice with alarm workflow. I would like to select multiple classifications with one alarm node, but boolean "OR" statement is not working properly.

For example: I have category A and category B. I would like to specify Filter-Activity condition based on Relationships. I select :

<object type>-<attribute>-<operator>-<value>-<boolean>

Classification-Classification name-=-A-"OR"

Classification-Classification name-=-B-"AND"

But after "OK" button is pressed and I reopen the alarm node, but the "OR" statement is changed to "AND", so I am unable to filter based on multiple classifications.

Classifications does not contain the same string, so I cannot use for example another operator to reach the selection.

Any advice how to do this? (copying of alarm workflows is such a strange idea:)

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EIM/WIM multiple classifications problem - alarm node

seems to be a defect, you should be able to evalute condition 1 and condition 2 = result 1

result 1 or condition 3, result 1 and condition 3 etc...

in your case if you have,

classification classification name contains test OR

classification classification name contains test2 OR ----- Result 1

classification classification name contains test3 OR------ Result 2

classification classification name contains test4 AND-----Result 3

and this is not saving then it is a bug and should be filed as such.

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EIM/WIM multiple classifications problem - alarm node

Hello Karthik,

thank you for your reply. This issue is probably the bug, because I am able to specify those conditions, but after "Ok" is pressed and "Alarm node" is reopened (before or after "save" is pressed), all the "OR" statements are changed to "AND" statements...

I will open a case for this issue, have a great day.


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