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Eliminate MOH for Select Resource "Connected" step

Dear Pros,

We have a strange request. With IPCC Express, the client would like the call to immediately go to Queue1. If no one is available, dequeue, and play the welcome greeting. Then retry Queue1 and Queue2.

The complication is that on the initial attempt at Queue1, if an agent is ready, they want the caller to hear ring tone instead of MOH. This way it seems like the caller is going straight to the agent. However, if no agent is available, we want the greeting to be played, then MOH, until the agent answers the call. No ringing during this second stage.

Is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Eliminate MOH for Select Resource "Connected" step


The MOH you're talking about is coming from the "Network Audio source" configured against the CTI port associated to the CTI Route Point.

One way to do this, would be to create two differents pool of CTI Ports. One pool will serve the first CTI Route Point (the script queueing to Queue1). You can then set the "Network Audio Source" to a ring tone for all CTI Ports of this first pool.

And then, you create a second pool which will lead to another CTI Route Point (and another script with the greeting, and etc). For this pool, the "Network Audio Source" will be set to a music.

Good luck !


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