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Email Manager

I have a customer that wants to install the email manager(egain sw) I have never used this so can anyone point me in thr right direction of where to get started. Customer is using IPCC5 and lotus notes


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Re: Email Manager

There is one issue with the Cisco Interaction Manager (CIM and a.k.a. EIM/WIM) that you should be aware of prior to ordering for the customer. This problem exists when integrating with a UCCX install because of a limitation in the ACMI information available in UCCX and eGain not providing a mechanism to manually work around it yet. If you feel this is an issue for your deployment, please approach your local Cisco SE on it.


Due to the non-trivial dollar amount for a CIM deployment and the upcoming release of basic email capabilities within UCCX 7 Premium, the CIM product fits the more advanced/sophisticated/complex/larger (pick your adjective) customer that needs to leverage the features it can provide. These customers are extremely likely to have more than on department using the product. The most generic examples would be Sales, Service, and Technical Support. Each of these departments are also extremely likely to operate different hours of operation and likely do not wish to share a knowledge base. There are other smaller issues (and ways to work around the knowledge base issue to a small extent).

The Issue:

With CIM Advanced licensing you can create multiple departments; however, the integration with UCCX synchronizes groups (aka UCCX teams) and users (aka UCCX agents) to the default Service department only. There is no mechanism to move these queues or users into another department instead. [Note: You can share the user to a foreign department but this is not a totally equal replacement.] Because a department can only have one calendar that specifies hours of operations this is a big problem. The lack of a calendar renders all of the service level management useless and chunks of the reporting.

If your customer only has one department/group that wants to use this and they all work under the same operating hours, this shouldn't affect you (and you can order the Standard licensing instead of Advanced).

Good Luck


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Re: Email Manager

can you download the SW or do you have to order it?

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Re: Email Manager

I have not seen a download for it; however, if you are a Cisco partner you can order the NFR SKU that will have it.

It appears to be missing from the UC 7 SKU at this time; however, the UC6.1 SKU had it.

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Re: Email Manager

IPCC 5.x requires "Cisco Email Manager", which has reached End of Sale (EoS) and End of Life (EoL), and can no longer be purchased. - see

The replacement product, "Cisco Unified Email Interaction Manager", does not work with IPCC 5.x - it will require you to upgrade to UCCE 7.2(x) or greater.



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