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Emergency Prompt Recording


Express 3.5(3) environment. We have a script you can call and record and Emergency Message and turn condition to on/off. The problem is with recording the message. You get prompted to record message and then the message file will be created or overwrite the existing file (example Emergency.wav). It creates the file, but when you go to play back the prompt there is no voice/prompt.

Things we have checked.

* All script configuration paths are correct

* All configuration on actual switch correct with Span/monitor

* We have disabled CSA

* We have stopped McAfee Enterprise Services.

This works in my test environment, but not in the client production environment. I also have other clients that this set-up is currently working for.

The only difference is this McAfee Enterprise that is running on the client box that is not working. I was going to see if the client will let me uninstall McAfee to test. However, McAfee Enterprise is on the compatibility matrix to work in this environment.

I am just looking for anymore suggestions/thoughts here. My next step is to open a TAC case.

Thank you in advance for all responses.

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