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end to end report


Using a UCCE 8.0 system with Webivew or CUIC reporting tool, is it possible to find a report that contains the following:

- Customer number

- Date

- Duration of the call

- Which agent answered the call (extension and agentID)

Or the only way is to manually retrieve the required data using an SQL query?




end to end report


Do you need this info for an incoming or outgoing calls ? That would tell us if we need ANI or DNIS.


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end to end report

It is needed for incoming calls

end to end report

Thanks, so we need to track ANI ( customer's calling number ). There is no standard report ( both in Webview & CUIC ) which can track ANI, whereas other parameters ( in your query ) can be found in one or more standard reports. Therefore customized reports is the only option available. Querying the HDS database to pull details from TCD will be part of customized reporting.

Hope it helps ?

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end to end report

Hey Justine,

The stock reports that come with UCCE will never report on a per-call basis, they always use aggregate statistics. So you will definitely need to create a report from scratch. The kind of report you're looking for can be created with WebView, but customized reporting on WebView is a tricky endavour and requires some third-party tools etc..

It would be a lot easier to to this in in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (which is the only available reporting solution as of 8.5(x) anyway). You can build a report out of any SQL there and it's relatively easy to do this. Also note that reporting on the Termination_Call_Detail, table, which contains the data you're interested in here, is very SQL Server intensive. It's a huge table and it contains almost no Indexes, be sure to scale the system properly and i.e. run the report at night. running that report on a few clients, refreshing throughout the day could seriously affect the performance of your HDS machine.



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Re: end to end report

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