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Enterprise Data not showing up in CAD nor Supervisor Software

Hello Team,

I'm using IPCC 7.0(1)SR01_Build210, with

CAD, this is a new install, basically when an agent gets a call the Enteprise Data in CAD does not show up, on the Supervisor Software it does not show up as well, the fields are blank all the time.

One detail is that if you look at the CAD Realtime reports - selecting the CSQ option - you do see the calls in queue.

Having said that, I can't see how many calls we have on Queue, nor other details that commonly show up there like the CSQ receiving the call how long the call has been in queue for example.

The service is running - I restarted it just in case - as well as the server last night.

Following the troubleshooting guide for CAD 6.6, it says that only devices that are monitored by this service will display Enterprise Data. Others that dont will not.

On the troubleshooting guide is mentioned that on the Cisco Workflow Admin when you click on Enterprise Data for the workflow in question(I'm using the Default one) you are supposed to get a list of devices associated with the service, but only 2 tabs appear CallActivity and another one to allow the agent to modify the Enterprise Data.

Also the 4 common parameters are Selected to be displayed - Calling#,Called#, OriginalCalling#, OriginalCalled#.

The final step on the troubleshooting guide is to gather the trace sscti.. to see if the device is montored, captured and looked for the monitoring option with no luck :(.

This very well could be a config thing, given that it is a fresh install, or if my luck is bad a DDTS.

Any help is much appreciated!!!!!



Re: Enterprise Data not showing up in CAD nor Supervis

Possible cause is that the peripheral ID that enterprise connects to may be incorrect. Check in postinstall.exe that the peripheral ID matches the PG ID.

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