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ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in

Hi All

When some agents out of 100 try to login on CAD their CAD Client crashes & after two three retries they are able to login after that it works fine , I check CTIOS server logs & found following errors.

UCCE 8.0.3

CTIOS 8.0.3

CAD 8.0.1a

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: [agent.5000.78442896] CONTROL_FAILURE_CONF : (PrphID:5000 FailCode:260 PrphErrCode:10150 AGID:78442896 UniqObjID:agent.5000.78442896 MsgID:eControlFailureConf MsgTyp:eSetAgentStateRequest ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in and position (instrument) or call mode or remote number in Login request is incorrect TgtCILClntID:OTIS-TS-1111-02-21828-22212)

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: [SYSTEM]SB:CONTROL_FAILURE_CONF,Object(agent.5000.78442896) Type(agent) REMAINS in object map, FailureCode:260=The request specified an invalid logon device.,PeripheralErrorCode:10150,TargetClientID:OTIS-TS-1111-02-21828-22212.

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: <-SND[OTIS-TS-1111-02-21828-22212 a=78442896][agent.5000.78442896]:eControlFailureConf(260):The request specified an invalid logon device. PeriphErr:10150

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: XXX CLIENT[OTIS-TS-1111-02-21828-22212], CLOSE

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: CClient::Close: CLIENT[OTIS-TS-1111-02-21828-22212][0x4737090, CLOSE(), Calling OnConnectionClosed()

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: ->RCV[OTIS-TS-1111-02-21828-22212 a=78442896]:eOnConnectionClosed

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: [agent.5000.78442896]::HandleOnLastSessionClosedEvent(): state [eNotReady] forcing logout.

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: [agent.5000.78442896] SET_AGENT_STATE_REQ ( eLogout ) : (PrphID:5000 AGState:eLogout NumSGs:0 EvtRsnCode:255 AGWorkMode:0 AGID:78442896 AGInstr:2140)

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: mt_CTIOS1 ctios server [8.0 12064] [ACTIVE, CG:, CGPort: 42027, Connections (Agent Mode: 30; Monitor Mode: 0)]

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: [1] OnConnectionClosed, Client[0x04737090][OTIS-TS-1111-02-21828-22212]

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: >>CG:[agent.5000.78442896]:eSetAgentStateConf(UniqObjID:agent.5000.78442896 MsgID:eSetAgentStateConf)

08:04:19:110 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: >>CG:[system.0.0]:eClientEventReportConf(UniqObjID:system.0.0 MsgID:eClientEventReportConf)

08:04:19:782 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: [call.5000.35005494] Found CallConnection(2094.0) for device 2094.

08:04:19:782 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: [call.5000.35005494] Found CallConnection(2094.0) for device 2094.

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ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in

Hi Irfan,

Symptom (Spectrum specific): When attempting a login (that is, click the Login button, enter login information, and click OK), the phone appears to freeze. All buttons are disabled and no error message displays indicating failure.

Possible Cause On Spectrum, Login parameters required from the user are AgentID, AgentInstrument (which corresponds to the extension that the Agent can be reached at) and the PositionID (indication of the physical device). If the AgentID and PositionID entered are correct, but the AgentInstrument entered is invalid it causes the phone to freeze. Restart the softphone and re-enter the Login information correctly and try again. A message displays indicating that the agent is already logged in (this is expected) but otherwise, the Login will have completed normally.

The registry key:


EnterpriseDesktopSettings\All Desktops\ Login \ConnectionProfiles


can be set to a timeout interval appropriate for your Spectrum configuration and this will pop up an error dialog that will allow you to retry the login after the specified interval. This way you can avoid restarting the softphone. Make sure that the following registry key is disabled (set to 0) at the same time:


EnterpriseDesktopSettings\All Desktops \Login \ConnectionProfiles



Hope it helps.


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ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in

Hi Irfan,

I noticed the same problem with UCCE 8.0.3 - I talked to Cisco, told me to install an ES (dont remember exactly its number but I can look it up), anyway, that ES did not solve the problem. It seems to be specific for this version.

Can you just try to reset the phone before the next attempt.

Or just give that phone a different DN and then give it the original DN.

These two workarounds usually help in my case.


New Member

ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in

On the CTIOS it is due to improper closing of the CTIOS toolkit, that is when an agent is already logged on and if the toolkit is hard closed the next time the agent logs in you may encounter this issue. This is due to the CTIOS cache did not get cleared. Cisco has recommended an ES for clearing of the Cache. Guess its ES11 (Pls cross check). As a workaround you can dissaciate and reassociate the phone in the CCM application user. (1. Disassociate - save 2. Reassociate - save 3. Reset the phone)



ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in

Thanks , I also suspect that I have to install some ES . trying to download this ES11 . You know where I can download this.

As agents are on MTS (Thin client ) so we restarted MTS server & now we dont have any issue , but I think it will pop up again after few weeks


Irfan Tariq

ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in

Hi Irfan,


Downloads Home->Products->Voice and Unified Communications->Customer Collaboration->Cisco Unified Contact Center Products->Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise->Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Software Releases-8.0(3)

It has just 8.0(3), i think you need to contact TAC for getting the ES11.

Hope it helps.


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ErrMsg:Error [10150] Agent is already logged in

Dear All

Issue was not solved by ES11 as Cisco informed us that there is only two ES released for this version so ES 11 is out of question.

My customer was using MTS (Thin Client) server , issue was coming from that MTS . MTS was slow to release connections with CTIOS . I found MTS IP address in CTIOS logs with error "30 out 40 task pending ....."

So we restarted MTS server & asked customer to contact microsft for tweaking MTS . now its almost more than one month no issue reported .


Irfan Tariq

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