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Error appyling transform ... 1043.mst during install

During install i get the following error messages:

Error appyling transform: c:\program files\wfavvid\tomcat_appadmin\wepapps\TUP\CAD\Agent\1043.mst

Error appyling transform: c:\program files\wfavvid\tomcat_appadmin\wepapps\TUP\CAD\Supervisor\1043.mst

Error appyling transform: c:\program files\wfavvid\tomcat_appadmin\wepapps\TUP\CAD\Administrator\1043.mst

The same error messages appear when i perform a postinstall and initiate a reset client install.

Is this causing the system not allowing me to install the Desktop application for the agent, supervisor and administrator on a workstation ???

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Re: Error appyling transform ... 1043.mst during install

Did you figure anything out with this? I am getting the same 3 messages.

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Re: Error appyling transform ... 1043.mst during install

Yes, during install you have to select the default language presentd by the installer (English). During my install i choose dutch as default language and that gave me the same issues. And installing the desktop agent will also not work as it is telling you that the system is not fully configured.

So both issues are solved by using the default installer languange (English).

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