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Error trying to monitor device:(XXXX = ICD Ext.)

Scenario: One 7960 (phone A), two agents (agent A and B) separate DNs ,each with a primary and secondary lines (2597 and 2598), both agents sharing an ICD ext. of(7162). Agent B's DN was moved to another 7960 (Phone B) that was used by agent C, it had an existing DN (2739) and ICD ext. (7163) This existing profile of (2739)was moved to a 7940, but not the ICD ext of 7163. At first the ICD ext. of 7163 was removed from phone B and was not used. A new ICD ext. (7181) was created for Agent B on phone B. And After making all the changes in Call Manager (4.0(2a)SR2), de-associated agent B's DN from phone A and in CRS (3.5(2)). Phone had 2597 on line 1 and 2, and ICD ext of 7181. The error = "Error trying to monitor device:7181".

Then replaced 7181 with 7163, but still get the same error message = "Error trying to monitor device:7163". Logging in to ICD through the phone works, but not through CAD.

Any assistance on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

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