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Executing loops in uccx

What are some ways to do an explicit "do while" in uccx? There are some steps that definitely implement a "do while" routine while executing the particular method assigned to the step. However, I'm looking for a more general way of looping. Basically, I want to execute one batch of steps while another step or set of steps is executing. The goto and the delay steps don't get this job done well(I think).

The only way I've found to do it is the "onhold" step which seems to have an implied "if there is a time step below me, run it while on hold" which seems weird to do it this way. You'd think that it would base the on hold time on the value of a property of the step. It would be consistent with the way the other steps operate.

I kind of assume that if I knew Java I could write some expressions or use the remote Java object to do anything I wanted? If this is the case, can anyone point me in the right direction, give some pointers, etc?

The specific thing I;m trying to do now is play a prompt, do a consultative transfer while the prompt is playing, and if the call is successful, transfer the call. Otherwise wait until the prompt is finished and then replay the prompt. You can kind of approximate this with this:



consultative transfer

goto onhold

The problem is, of course, that to perform the consultative transfer uccx takes the call of hold which is disruptive.

What I would like it to look like is as follows:


or to put another way:

while ONHOLD

_consultative transfer



_timer 10 seconds

_if 10 minutes



Re: Executing loops in uccx

Unfortunately, the UCCX scripts execute serially. I haven't found anything that allows you to perform parallel operations.

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Re: Executing loops in uccx

No takers huh? Nobody is doing this? Nobody is using custom Java classes? nobody has cute Java expressions using the expression editor?

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Re: Executing loops in uccx


Did you ever figure out how to do this? I am in the same boat here and need to figure something out. May have to just play silence for MOH so as not to have the interuption. Thanks!

Re: Executing loops in uccx

did you look at switch it has the option of sort of do while type of deal.

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