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Expected Wait time incorrect

We are running IPCCE 4.05 and consistantly are getting incorrect expected wait time when the queues are long. The get reporting statistic step returns the value in seconds, we divide by 60 and add 1 to the total to prevent a 0 announcement. The result is then used to generate a prompt using the system wave files. When the queues are very 20+ minutes the announcement suddenly starts saying the wait is 2 or 3 minutes. I am stumped...any thoughts?


Re: Expected Wait time incorrect

My experience with the expected wait time calculation is that it is typically inaccurate and can have large seings when dealing with a samm number of agents and/or calls. I have not seen any official caluclation for EWT, but I believe it is something like:

Calls In Queue * Average Handle Time / Logged In Agents

Since the AHT calculation can have large swings when the calculation is based upon small sample sizes, the calculation is typically unreliable. I prefer to use position in queue rather than time based indicators for callers when I know the sample size is going to be small.

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