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Expected Wait Time

** Sorry for the duplicate post ***

Express 3.5(3) environment.

Does anyone know exactly how Expected Wait time is calculated? I am having this issue where I queue a call and the caller hears " Your expected wait time is -1 second". If anyone has see this issue, please advise.

Thank you


Re: Expected Wait Time

Have a look at this posting from pralex for an explanation of the -1 value:

It states that: "The Estimated Wait Time will be -1 if either the CSQ's average talk time or the total number of working resources is 0."

I'd be tempted to test for a condition >0, and perhaps convert the value in seconds to minutes and give an approximate expected wait time. Another suggestion is to only play the expected wait time once after initally queuing the call, so callers don't hear an increase in their expected wait time due to other calls being given a higher priority, for example.

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Re: Expected Wait Time

Yes. We only play the message once, when it queues up. If the call does get queued we also give it a higher priority.

So, I understand the reason for the -1 Estimated Wait Message. But is there a fix or is this a training issue to ensure the agents are available. Problem is this is a three phone Center and they usually have one person available at all times. However, if this person walks away from the phone and does not answer a call, that is when the call gets queued and it automatically puts the Agent in "Not Ready" mode. The agent then has to go to three different screens to see what phone state they are in. These agents log into 7960 phones only. I am also trying to figure out if I can put the Agent state (Ready, Not Ready) on the Main Front phone display, so that the agents can just glance at the front display and see what phone state they are in.

I know this was a long winded story, but thank you all in advance.

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