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Extension Mobility + CAD UCCX


We have recently done installation of UCCX 8.5 and CUCM. Contact center agents run in multiple shifts and the same places are being shared by agents depending on the shift timing. Now, in order to acheive this, we are using Extension mobility with CAD. Here agent has 3 steps to follow:

1. Login to phone with ExMobility

2. Loginn to CAD on the PC

3. Press the 'Ready' button in CAD to start receivng calls.


These sounds too much for the non tech savvy agents. In other systems like Avaya, there is single sign-on available where they just enter extension number and get logged in from any desk.

Is there anyway to achieve this ??? Atleast, can we make agent automatically ready when they logg-in?



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It is a lot to ask an Agent

It is a lot to ask an Agent to do; however I've found they quickly learn and remember what to do.


That said there are a few products out there that sign the phone in using extension mobility when they log in to their (Windows) computer. There are limitations with these products though (thin clients and VDI's etc) but worth a look.


A couple I've looked at but not tried -



I agreed with Jeff, it can

I agreed with Jeff, it can look like a lot of steps, but at the end is just 2 or 3 logins what they need to make :)

All our agents uses extension mobility + CAD + manual "ready" and it works just fine :)



Rolando Valenzuela

Cisco Employee

Hi Saif,you can make agent

Hi Saif,

you can make agent automatically ready just after login . You have to create workflow in CDA.

please follow the guide lines of below doc. This doc is for auto logout . just change it logic and it will work for you . I have tested this in my lab .

If  you want you can configure one button login in IPPA. but customer will lose feature of CAD.






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Hi Ravi,Thanks for the advice

Hi Ravi,

Thanks for the advice.

I had tried doing this but could not succeed. For the new work flow (or even the default), the 'events' column shows only "Startup,Shutdown,Ready and Not Ready" states. It does not show me the "Logged In, Logged Out and Time of the Day" events. Im using UCCX 8.5


Any ideas?



Cisco Employee

Hi Saif, You have to select

Hi Saif,


You have to select not ready . and workflow will make agent automatic ready . because by default

when you login agent will go to not ready state .




Do agents move around desk to

Do agents move around desk to desk, or are they assigned a specific phone?  If they sit at the same phone everyday, you could eliminate the EM portion by assigning both agents to one extension on the same phone or put multiple extensions on each phone, and an agent would use their designated extension.


That being said, I prefer the EM method you described above.

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