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Extension Mobility/IPCC design

We want to roll IPCC out to our sales floor staff. The sales staff has a high turn around and work in multiple shifts with only a few systems to accommodate. Using extension mobility along with our IPCC seems like a good fit though it would be nice to get away from having to login twice, once for extension mobility and once for IPCC. Does anyone know of a possible way around this? Maybe a way to create a service that could be implemented that might provide for a signal sign on or maybe a way with extension mobility that when selected it displays a list of user ID's and then all the user as to do is select their ID and provide there pin. I must say, trying to log into EM through the keypad of the phone can be somewhat frustrating.

We are using CM 5.1 w/IPCC 5.0

Any help, thoughts, or design ideas to this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Extension Mobility/IPCC design


We have a small client-server app that I believe will solve this for you.

Feel free to email me for more details;

When a salesman logs into his computer the phone logs in automatically as his.

When he logs out the phone logs off.

The next salesman logs in and the phone logs in as his phone.

The user will have to do nothing with the phone. It will do it all for him when he logs in to his computer.

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Re: Extension Mobility/IPCC design

I just emailed you. Thanks for your post, your app sounds like exactly what we are looking for.


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