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Fail to Queue to SG


I am working on a new scipt and attempting to queue calls to a skill group, however they are failing the queue to skill group node.

In the CVP logs I see an invitation rejected message with 404 not found.

Would this be caused by a missing route in CUPS or CVP?



Fail to Queue to SG

Is it failing from the QtoSG node when it tries to go to an agent?  More than likely CVP doesn't know where UCM is or how to get there.


New Member

Fail to Queue to SG

Thanks David, I believe you are correct, I am not too familiar with this environement, but from what I understand the call flow is as follows;

CUCM ==> CUP ===>  CVP ====> ICM

We are trying to add a new number/script and it is obviously failing. In the ICM script editor I see it failing to route to an agent as it doesn't leave the Queue to Skill group node via the failure.

I believe the 404 not found is coming from CUP to CVP because it doesn't have a route for 0007xxxxx, but I can't figure out where that is coming from.

If I add a route to CUP for 0007 should the next hop be CUCM and if so, how will CUCM know what to do with that pattern once it receives it?

Fail to Queue to SG

Can you please explain call flow, so that we can give better clarift/idea to fix this.

From your message i can understand call is failing in queue to Skill Group, it is failing on Queue to Skill Group/Going via Wrong Node of Queue to SG.

What is the Extn no where agents are used to login, DO u have same pattern in CVP SIP tab of call server which point to CUCM.

If your are using SRV records, you need to check the same.



Fail to Queue to SG

404 basically means, CVP doesn't have any idea to route the call.



Fail to Queue to SG

Hi Candese,

I hope you have configured the agent IP extension as "7006570" in CUCM. However, as you are using "000" as sigdigits,the SIP INVITE from CUSP to CUCM would be "0007006570".

Which does not exist in CUCM and its is sending back "404 not found" SIP error.

Strip the "000" in the SIP trunk to fix it by setting the incoming digits parameter on the CUCM SIP trunk to "7".



Thammaya Gupta K.

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