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Failed to play media file

Yesterday, my coworker copied over (replaced) an existing media file with a new media file, so the media file name did not change, just the recording did. She did this on all four of our CVP servers. This media file was referenced in an inactive script (version 013). This morning I changed the active script from version 014 (which plays silence instead of a recording) to version 013 because we want callers to temporarily hear this rerecorded message. Version 013 is now active, but the new media file is not playing. I monitor the script and when a call reaches the Run Ext. Script node for this media file, it fails. I normally rely on the vendor to make these type of changes, but I thought this task was simple enough for me to do. Apparently not  ...what am I missing?


Community Member

Failed to play media file

I just found out that the new media file is in the wrong format. It currently is fomatted as PCM and it needs to be CCITT u-Law.

Failed to play media file

Points for answering your own question, less points for missing the encoding on the prompt as that's a basic one.


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