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Failover on UCCE7.5(8) - results

Hi all. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

We are running duplex with 2 proggers, 2 cvp’s, 2 AW’s etc across 2 physical sites. The public and private network are on their own LES.

I would like to understand why when I manually shutdown one of the Proggers (ctios, cg1a, pg2a, pg1a, logger A and route A services in that order) on either of the sites, the agents are all automatically logged out and hang until the agent.exe is stopped in task manager?

This was the order of services shutdown I have been asked to use but even when I change the order, the agents still get logged out.

Is this typical of UCCE? Is there any way that I can get an agent to remain logged in if I take one of the Proggers off-line?

Look forward to hearing from anyone.

Cheers, Pj.

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Failover on UCCE7.5(8) - results

Hey Phill,

To answer your question it is not the behaviour for UCCE. It will be an automatic failover to the other side

The first question I would like to ask is, whether new agents are able to login when one of the side is down or are you facing the issue only for the connected agents.

Do you have a DNS entry for both the proggers in the DNS Server?

If not as a test case you can do a host entry of the proggers in the agent desktop and you can try your options.

Also, please do check whether the agent desktop is able to reach the CTIOS server and vice versa

Additionally, please do check whether the B side is able to learn when A side goes down


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Failover on UCCE7.5(8) - results

Hi Dass,

thanks for the repy.

Glad to hear that this isn't the normal working of UCCE

In answer to your questions, a new agent is able to sign in when a side is taken down and we do have DNS entries for both Proggers on the DNS server.

Could you let me know how I can test whether CAD is able to talk to the CTIOS server and vice-versa? and also what checks would you use to ensure the 2 sides are talking able to learn when the other goes down?

sorry for the questions....

thanks, Phill.

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Failover on UCCE7.5(8) - results

Hi Phil,

You can check the MDS process running on both the PGs to check the status of the other side. Infact you can also run a status check on the OPCTEST.

Coming to your primary question you can also put the host entries of the PG on the agent desktop. So the local desktop would look in for the host entries and will get linked to the active side



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