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Failure Updating CUIC Reports to 9.1.2


CUIC v 9.1.1


When updating the CUIC report files to 9.1.2, we are getting an error during the import.


[product_name=CUIC][subsystem_exception_info=][tid=http-8444-35][version_number=CUIC_9_0_1_0_0_0_23]: Information associated with the following logged exception
0000024138: Apr 23 2014 10:40:55.624 -0400: %CCBU___________CUIC-3-ERROR:  Failed to import report '[CUIC.Template.Agent_Skill_Group_Historical_All_Fields]' : A ValueList with this name already exists. Cannot rename new STOCK Valuelist: Skill Groups <- []
0000003618: Apr 23 2014 10:40:57.349 -0400: %CCBU_CUIC_MODEL_OBJECTS-3-EXCEPTION: %[ Following 3 reports/categories failed to import.
Failed Reports : [CUIC.Template.Peripheral_Skill_Group_Historical_All_Fields], [Skill_Group_Abandon_Answer_DistH], [CUIC.Template.Agent_Skill_Group_Historical_All_Fields]
]: There was an exception that occurred.
0000003619: Apr 23 2014 10:40:57.350 -0400: %CCBU_CUIC_MODEL_OBJECTS-3-EXCEPTION_INFO: %[build_date=Apr 25, 2012 6:08 AM][build_type=rel][ Following 3 reports/categories failed to import.
Failed Reports : [CUIC.Template.Peripheral_Skill_Group_Historical_All_Fields], [Skill_Group_Abandon_Answer_DistH], [CUIC.Template.Agent_Skill_Group_Historical_All_Fields]


I have checked the Administrators Group permissions and both "Execute" and "Write" are enabled.  This error has occurred on both the Historical and Real Time report files. 


Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Historical Reports is the old

Historical Reports is the old version of CUIC which utilizes a separate database. CUIC is integrated and shares the CCX database. 

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Rossporubski, Sorry if I wasn



Sorry if I wasn't clear in my original post.  This is on UCCE CUIC not CCX Historical Reporting. When updating the report template files to 9.1.2 from 9.1, the posted error occurs while trying to rename the Valuelist.  However other report templates installed properly.

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