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Finesse 10.5 (UCCX) - "Start Monitoring" give "Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed"

The CTI Ports for UCCX have a CSS that allows them to call any internal extension.  My (supervisor's) line and the agent's line both have our long distance CSS (that includes all internal extensions).  This obviously seems like a CSS issue, but I would assume it would be based on the CTI port CSS.  

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I don't use Finesse but use

I don't use Finesse but use CAD and had the same issue when I had to change to CCM-based silent monitoring when I upgraded from 7.1.3 to 9.1.2. On both the agent and supervisor phones I need to have the built-in bridge parameter set to on and need to have a CSS in the monitoring CSS field toward the bottom of the DN configuration screen. Without both of these set I get the same "call cannot be completed as dialed" when a supervisor tried to monitor an agent call.

Did this ever work or is this a new issue?


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Only the supervisor needs a

Only the supervisor needs a monitoring CSS. Think of it as "who is this DN allowed to invoke a silent monitor operation on?".  Otherwise, you are correct. Personally, I just enable the BIB globally under Service Parameters though so I don't have to remember it per-phone.

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