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Finesse error

For some agents in UCCX 10.5, when they log into Finesse, on the home page, they see this error (it's under the Voice CSQ report I believe):

"Error processing report.  Refresh page or contact administrator"

It doesn't happen for every agent.  We are using resource groups, not skills.  I have checked to make sure the agent is in the correct CSQ, Resource Group and Team.

Has anyone encountered this error before?




New Member

Aaron, Did you ever get this



Did you ever get this corrected?


I'm having the same issue.







New Member

Dan - no I have not.  I

Dan - no I have not.  I posted this morning hoping someone would have an answer.  It's good to know I'm not the only one with the error!

Hi, Please attached the CUCI



Please attached the CUCI start up.log and finesse catalina logs.


Also Can you verify below:



  1. Log into CUIC
  2. Select Values Lists
  3. Select UCCX_AgentID and click Collections
  4. Do you see any entries under collection Name /Collection Type?
  5. You can also select UCCX_CSQ Names and check as well


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Reena - yes there are entries

Reena - yes there are entries under collection name/collection type.  I'll have to dig around for the log files above.

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The solution to this problem

The solution to this problem - the team did not have the correct CSQ assigned! :(

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Thank you for posting the

Thank you for posting the solution. This fixed my issue :)

I was having the same issue

I was having the same issue with only 1 agent, the rest of the agent in the same team was working fine, after investigation the issue was i have created a value list and forget to add this agent to this value .. now its working fine :)

Thanks for you notes :)

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