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Firewall Ports - Silent Monitoring & Recording

My client is using UCCX 5.0 and they would like to have the silent monitoring and recording.

However, on all the Agents & Supervisors

desktop PCs, my client doesn't want to disable their *Windows Firewall* completely. Is there any particular Cisco instructions so that I can selectively allow only *certain ports* to go through??

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Re: Firewall Ports - Silent Monitoring & Recording

Could you pls also check if LAN Cards support VLAN tagging.



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Re: Firewall Ports - Silent Monitoring & Recording

I can do silent monitoring but only if I completely shut down the Windows Firewall.

Was wondering if there is a list of ports i need to open so that i don't need to completely shut down the windows firewall.

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Re: Firewall Ports - Silent Monitoring & Recording

Try allowing ping through. Just came across this in the SRND:

Ping, NAT, PAT, and Reverse DNS Lookups

The following configurations and information are required for the CAD software to work properly.

The Cisco Agent Desktop application uses the TCP Ping command to verify that it can communicate

with the active VoIP servers. This is done even if no agents are configured to use a VoIP Monitor service

for the silent monitoring feature. If Ping is disabled on the machine running a CAD VoIP Monitor Server,

the silent monitoring feature will not work properly.

There are certain CAD modules that rely upon reverse DNS lookups. If this feature is turned off on the

machines running CAD services, there will be a loss of some functionality and errors will be generated

and logged.

Network Address Translation (NAT) is only supported between the Cisco Agent Desktop and the CRS

servers. Port Address Translation (PAT) is not supported.

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