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Force UCCX agents to enter full credentials on Cisco Agent Desktop logins

Currently CAD "remembers" the ID and extension of the previous user and populates these fields when launched. Is there a way to make it forget, thus forcing agents to enter the complete login information? I've noticed that after an upgrade, many of the agents have forgotten the specifics of their usernames and extensions making for a long morning preceded by a long night after UCCX updates. TIA Jesse

Hi,the login info is stored


the login info is stored in the registry (on the PC where the CAD is installed). I cannot remember the key but it's there, you'll be able to find it.

You can schedule a task to periodically clear these registry entries, perhaps.


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Gergely is absolutely correct

Gergely is absolutely correct.


And it might be enough to set the registry key to read-only by some GPO if you are running Windows AD in the background.

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not seeing any user data in

not seeing any user data in the registry.  I'm on UCCX 9.0

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It's actually stored in a

It's actually stored in a file in 9.X version of UCCX and NOT in the registry.


here:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Desktop\config\phonedev.cfg


We run an SCCM job that deletes it from the agent PC's every night and at every login.  CAD rebuilds it every time you login to it so it has to be continually attended to.


There's also a separate file for Supervisor.



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