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Generic, NoScript Contact Center

Any interest out there for an example of a set of contact centers that don't require changing scripts every time the contact center managers ask for menu changes?

I've coded up one for my shop and have a writeup about it if there is interest.

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Re: Generic, NoScript Contact Center

I posted a file "XML Controlled Contact Center.docx" in the Documents section of the forum. The file includes the XML that I use to control a contact center without having to change the script every time we need to redo the menus or change a schedule.

"XCCC v022.aef" has been posted to Documents too. This is the code which uses the XML configurations described in the above file.

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Generic, NoScript Contact Center


I have written a similar solution for a customer before. The problem is that processing the XML documents from the repo at high volume tends to cause it's own problems. I haven't reviewed your code but one example of this is if you read the document from the repo for every call. The engine doesn't reliably clear session data, and their documents, fast enough and you can run out of Java heap. It's very obvious when this happens: the engine drops all calls while it resets the heap! The workaround I had to put in place is to store the documents into a common session and only load from the repo if the session didn't exist. Another one is that the complexity and size of the scripts required to parse the XML is so intense that you end up lowering system capacity, similar to if you had the engine reading a VoiceXML document.

It's a fun idea though; good for refining those scripting skills.

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Generic, NoScript Contact Center

good information and I wondered what the impact would be of the load from doing the 'extra' work parsing the XML. in my case our very small contact center only does less than 200 calls per 8 hour shift. the other side of the coin is that my code provides a way to prototype the call menus with the customer before taking the time to write 'real' code.

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