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Get Agent IP Address During Script Execution

Good Evening,

I'm looking for a little advice...  I'm trying to develop a method of alerting agents to the fact they are not ready.  I have a script that can dynamically change the wallpaper on an IP phone.  My aim is to add a step to the "Select Resource" portion of a script that will execute if an agent doesn't answer a call presented to them.  However in order for this script to work it requires the IP address of the phone the agent is logged on to.  Can anybody recommend a method of getting this IP dynamically during script execution?  We use EM so statically defining IPs in an XML document wouldn't be appropriate.

On a similar note I'd also need a method of executing the same script when an agent manually alters their state to ready.  i.e. When they change to ready on the IP Phone Agent I'd like to be able to intercept that process as it takes place and automatically trigger this same script.

I'm using UCCX 8.5(3).

Hope that makes sense.  Any suggestions regarding how to achieve this would be much appreciated.

Much appreciated,


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Get Agent IP Address During Script Execution

I don't write enough scripting to know for sure if the agent's phone's IP address would be available anywhere in the UCCX enviornment by default but I'm going to go with 'probably not'. You'd need to obtain this information from CUCM, the most straightforward method would likely be to use CUCM's AXL interface to pull this information. The HTTP Document Step may be able to produce the necessary AXL requests I guess, but I've never tried.



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