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get digits microapp

I have a get digit microapp in CVP 8.5 and icm 8.52.  My configuration parameters are as follows:


my prompt is "Please enter your account number, if you do not know your account number press *."

If someone presses *, then the call will exit out of the X branch of the network vru script node and I have a custom prompt that says please make a selection.  I have tried to invoke some logic before playing the make selection prompt so that if they had entered * then continue to process the call without playing the prompt.  However, the check to see if they entered * returns false and it looks like it does not realize that a * was entered. 

Has anyone encountered this before and what has been done to program around it, thanks.                  

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get digits microapp

I'll have a look at my previous scripts, but in general, I try to avoid this old style of combining data entry and menu selection - which is what you are doing.

I always try to convince the customer that the modern way is to split this up.

1. If you know your 7 digit account number, press 1. If not, press 2.

2. Please enter your 7 digit account number.

(I'm guessing that you have 7 digit account numbers because of the 1,7 in the GD.)

I love it when I can fix the min=max because then they don't have to enter the data termination char (#).

If it's possible, consider this approach.



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