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Get Reporting Statistc Question for Resource

Hi all,

I am doing a script for a group that primarily want calls routed to each agent by asking callers to enter the extension of the person they are trying to contact.

I use a Get Digit String step to get the desired extension.

I then use a Get User step to return the user based on the extension entered ... this returns a variable of type USER.

I then want to use a Get Reporting Statistic step to check on that particular agent's state READY, NOT READY etc before trying to send the call directly to the user or send the call to a general helpdesk queue if the agent is NOT READY etc.

My problem is the Get Reporting Statistic step (which I am using with the Report Object : Report IPCC Express) only wants a variable of type STRING as the row identifier. I have the user information returned from the Get User step stored in a variable of type USER and thus cannot use this information as i only see the STRING variables to choose from.

Is there a simple way to convert this into a string ... the value returned is in the format USER[jsmith].

It seems perplexing that i have returned the user information but cannot now use that information to simply use in the Get Reporting Statistic step.

Is there a better way to do this?



Re: Get Reporting Statistc Question for Resource

I don't have a system in front of me, but in alot of cases, simply using the Set step to "cast" values works well.


Set my_user_string = my_user_object
Anthony Holloway

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