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Get the last number before a redirection in CRA


I'm developping a voice mail system based on the CRA 3.1.

I have one problem: getting the number of the phone which has been redirected to the CRA script.

We have two phones:

1) extension 1000 : with a forward all to extension 1001

2) extension 1001 : with a ring no answer to a CRA script which record the voice message.

My goal is to get the number of the last phone from which the phone has been redirected.

If I dial '1000', the phone 1001 rings and a few seconds later the call comes to the CRA script.

In the 'Get Call contact Info' CRA step I would like to find '1001' somewhere:


- Original Called Number is set to '1000'

- Called number is set to '1000'

- Last Redirected number is set to the CTI Port of the CTI Port pool used to dial the CRA script.

So I cannot retrieve the last extension that was redirected to the CRA script.

Does anyone have an idea of the way I could get this information?

Do you know if a kind of history list exists with all the numbers (extension/CTI ports) that where used for a particular call?

Thanks for your replies,


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Re: Get the last number before a redirection in CRA


I'm keeping on investigating and I notice that this problem only occurs when I use an ICM in conjunction with a CRA or if I use 2 differents CRA's.

If I use only one CRA the problem doesn't occur.

Regards and thanks for your reply,


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