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New Member

Getting -1 Logged In Resources in Reporting

First, I know that a -1 typically means that it's not finding a queue with the name I'm specifying, but I've triple checked that the name is correct.  Plus I'm reusing the same variable for call routing and it is routing correctly on the exact same queue name variable.  I'm thinking that I'm missing something here.  These are the details. 

I run a Get Reporting Statistics:

Report Object:  CSQ IPCC Express

Field:  Logged-In Resources

Row ID:  CSQ_Spanish    <----See variable details below

Contact:  Triggering Contact  <--- Greyed Out

Result Statistic:  spanishAgentsLoggedIn   <---  See variable details below

Variable Info:

CSQ_Spanish:  String variable, Value "", Parameter (set on application)

spanishAgentsLoggedIn:   integer, default value 0

The CSQ_Spanish parameter is set to "CSQ_SPANISH" in the application.  The actual queue name is all upper-case.

It should check the number of logged-in users in the CSQ_SPANISH queue and put that number in the spanishAgentsLoggedIn field

I then follow this with a simple:

If (spanishAgentsLoggedIn !=0) Then

     True - Select Resource (Triggering Contact from CSQ_Spanish)

     False - <goes elsewhere>

At first I thought everything was great because it was routing to Spanish agents.  It turns out that it only routes to them becuase -1 != 0.  If I had coded it as spanishAgentsLoggedIn >=1, it would be failing.

I know that my CSQ_Spanish variable (CSQ_SPANISH) is correct because I re-use it for the call routing and it routes to Spanish agents correctly, so it can't be an issue with that.

Any idea why it's giving me -1 when the CSQ_Spanish variable that is set to "CSQ_SPANISH" on the application?


Getting -1 Logged In Resources in Reporting

Hi Kylebrogers,

CSQ names are case sensitive, please ensure that you are using the same names in all the references to the CSQ's.

Hope it helps.


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New Member

Getting -1 Logged In Resources in Reporting

I found the issue.  I'm going to call it an "I've been working too many hours" issue.  I wasn't doing a reactive debug, just a standard walkthrough debug.  Since it wasn't reactive, it wasn't tied to the application, so it wasn't picking up my parameter settings from the application.  So I was effectively handing it a blank queue name since I don't have a default set on the parameters.  Stupid mistake on my part. 

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