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GMT in WIM 4.4

I'm sending notifications to my email when a chat abandons in WIM 4.4  The notification comes thorugh fine, but it is showing a chat start and chat end time, both in GMT.  Can't find much info in the admin guides for this product that would direct me towards the right place to look.  I have confirmed that the Business Calendar Timezone setting for department is configured (GMT - 5:00).  I sent a test and put the time in it in EST.  However the system timestamp keeps coming up in GMT (see below).  Anybody know how to resolve this issue?

Chat started at 17:37 12 Jan 2012
Andy : This is a test chat for abandon notification 1/12/12 @ 12:37[An agent will be with you shortly.]Andy : Waiting for somebody to answerAndy : NOBODY IS ANSWERING
Andy :
Terminating[Customer Andy has left the session]
Chat ended at 17:38 12 Jan 2012

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