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GURU ICM Scriping Question

We are using IPCC Enterprise 6.0

An Administrator who left did the ICM-Hotlines configuration. One of our busy hotlines has been configured with two thresholds for the queue:

IF number of queued Calls is below the first threshold

[1st threshold: Calls in Queue < Working Agents of the Skill group]

---> Then play short prompts -> route to available agent

IF nr of queued Calls is higher than the 2nd threshold

[2nd threshold: Calls in Queue > 4 x Agents working of the Skill group]

---> Then play "...we are experiencing an overload.."-> Then end the call.

What i dont understand is the formel used to do this, in the IF statement:


<= 4* (






Can please someone explain this Formel to me? is this formel correct?

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Re: GURU ICM Scriping Question

what it is doing is taking the call type calls in queue now (number of calls currently in queue) and checking to see if it is less than or equal to 4 times the number of agents in those status's of the items listed.) It's going a little more in-depth than just saying, it's caller number X, so we'll call it an overload. It's checking certain agent states in that particular skillgroup.

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Re: GURU ICM Scriping Question

I know that he is doing in Depth formula.

What i didnt understand is how he came up with this formula, i want someone to explain to me HOW?

and why (workready+worknotready+talkin+talkout+talkother) is EQUAL the number of loggend in Agent???

Re: GURU ICM Scriping Question

I don't think it's possible for us to know exactly what he was thinking. Personally, the formula this person used, doesn't make a lot of sense, but ultimately it is a business decision. Ultimately, what you're checking is if you have 4 time more calls than agents who are ready.


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Re: GURU ICM Scriping Question

are you asking HOW the formula is entered in the node? (properties of the node,etc...)

And yeah, the business decisions can be brutal.. there is about 100 different ways to acheive the same result. It isn't a clean as I would have done it - but like it was said above.. ultimately business decision.


Re: GURU ICM Scriping Question

Actually, (workready+worknotready+talkin+talkout+talkother) is a pretty typical formula used in ICM scripts that I see.

If you made decistion logic purely based on "logged in" that wouldn't be accurate. You may have 20 agents logged in, but none of them are available. Whoever programed this chose to use this formula as opposed to using Available agents for example.

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