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HA Upgrade of an UCCX with an new and an old server plattform

I want to upgrade a UCCX System from 4.5 to 5.0 and from Single Node to a HA system. The upgrade from 4.5 to 5.0 was successfully. Only the upgrade from Single Node to HA makes some problems. A new Server (MCS7816) is in use as primary node with Win2003 and with UCCX5.0. The old server (HP DL320 G3) should become the redundant node. The OS and UCCX was installed on the old machine but it failed during the step to connect it with "ADD " to the existing system with an error like this "the HDD size is not equal". The new system (7816) have one HDD with 160GB the old server (DL320 G3) has a raid with two 80GB HDDs. Now I organized a 160 GB HDD for the old DL320 but now the installation of the OS failed because of missing the second HDD. Now the question is: If I install a second 160GB HDD to the old DL320 is it possible to install the (Cisco) Win2003 system or does it check the HDD Size too. And later if the OS and UCCX are installed could I add it as redundant server node?

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Re: HA Upgrade of an UCCX with an new and an old server plattfor

I want to apply HA to ipcc 6.0 to single machine install os 2003 with call manager 4.3 and second machine os 2003 with ipcc 6.0 using LDAP call manager 4.3 server.third machin install to os 2003 and ipcc who to install in this machin with HA. define me

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