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HDS DB relocation and expansion


I have an HDS database that needs to be expanded. It had been set as per the recommended size.

I have expanded the DB useing the ICMDBA tool on the C drive. I have then noticed that there were some unallocated space on the servers disks which I can use to move the DB and expand it more.

I have checked the reference below for moving the DB from a location to another:

1) Am I thinking right? Do I move the HDS and the AWDB to the a new partition where there's more space?

2) The size of the HDS was set to 3GB. I have exanpded it using the ICMDBA (15 GB were added). The new disk has 130 GB (all free space).

    Once I move the HDS to a new location, do I consider the expansion size will grow from 18 GB to 130 GB (7 times bigger)?

    My question is: can I use ICMDBA again or will I have to expand the database using SQL Enterprise Manager?




HDS DB relocation and expansion

Hi Justine,

I wouldn't recommend "moving" your existing 18GB database.

You can simply continue to expand it onto the new drive, leaving the existing AWDB and HDS database devices as they are.  A single database can span multiple database devices across multiple drives.

You don't have to make it all 130GB.  You can make it any size you want, using ICMDBA, or sql enterprise manager. 

Doing it directly in SQL, you can expand it without stopping ICM services.  ICMDBA will (I believe) force you to stop the distributor service first.

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HDS DB relocation and expansion

Hi Spaulin,

Are there any drawbacks for moving the existing Database before expanding it onto the new disk?



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