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HDS to HDS data transfer


I would like to know whether HDS to HDS data transfer is possible.

Currently I have built an AW/HDS/Webview on a single box for script testing and custom reporting purposes. This AW/HDS/Webview box has data only for about 45 days while our business requires 90 days of data. The HDS is configured to have upto 90 days of data, but since the HDS database was rebuilt just a few days back it has data only for about 45 days.

Our primary logger from where data is replicated has about 15 days of data. And our primary AW/HDS which resides along with this logger has data for about 90 days. What I am trying to find out is there any way historical data can be replicated from my primary AW/HDS to the one I have built currently.

As far as I know, there is no ICM process that would do such a job, but is there any way I could do something in SQL to effect this data transfer.

Your thoughts and reponses would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: HDS to HDS data transfer

I remember, couple years ago, Cisco helped us to recover one HDS, they simply backed up primary HDS, and restored it over second HDS, then truncate recovery table to start replication with second logger.

However, I recommend you to open ticket with Cisco TAC.


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