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Help me on CCM with call recording and SRST

Hi Friends,

I need some body's kind help for the following queries.

I have a customer in public service dept. they have multiple branches in many locations through out the country. Now they want to connect over VOIP. I have a central Location where we are planning to keep the Call manager. Call Manger version 6.0 and Cisco Unity Voice Messaging server. I want to use the new feature, Call Recording, of CCM 6.0 also.

In central location we have Cisco 3845 router and in branch office (15 nos) we have 3825 router with SRST features.

The customer has a Toll Free Number (ie 111) people will call on this number from different location in the country.

Query 1:-

The requirement from customer is that, if one person from X city calls the toll free number (ie 111) the call should direct to the person sitting at X city only.

(If person calls from New York City the person who are going to pick the call should be in New York city only, like if the person is calling from WDC the person who will pick the call should be located in WDC only).

In summary, the call should get routed to the local call centre only, from the central location Voice Gateway Router / CCM (a kind of call diverting). Can we achieve this? If yes how can we do the same?

Query 2:-

If my WAN link from branch to central location fails, where the CCM and Unity located, what will happened to the call?

How the call will get routed till the branch router from Central location where the CCM and main Voice Gateway is configured?

My understanding is SRST will take the role of CCM, if so what exactly SRST will do? How SRST works incase of WAN Link towards CCM fails?

Do we require a PSTN link at each location and PSTN should do a kind of preferred routing or some thing, plz correct if I am wrong...

Query 3:-

If when my WAN link fails what will happened to the unattended calls (Voice Mail)? Where this voice message can be saved since the Unity Server is located at Central Location?

Query 4:-

What will happen to the Call Recording? Will SRST Support call recording if yes, where this call will be saved?

I agree the list of my queries is long, kindly help me out.


Jacob Samuel


Re: Help me on CCM with call recording and SRST


I am afraid one can answer all in the given limited time we all have any way.

Q4- SRST will support call recording but keep in mind you need some type of local presence or much bigger bandwidth. Calls can be saved any where but going back to initial discussion you need some thing local where the hand sets are or do the spanning.

Q2- Calls will not be able to transfer intra however a local site will survive on its own

more later.



Re: Help me on CCM with call recording and SRST


This architecture does not sound like a good choice. You haven't explained what sort of contact center product you have, but if this is UCCE it sounds like a perfect fit for a "branch office" CVP deployment. If it's going to be UCCX then it's not a good one, as the IVR is in the center and the WAN is going to be hammered.

When all the PSTN trunks are coming into the 3845 in the central office and then going out to agents at the branch offices you are using up WAN bandwidth that could be avoided with a different model.

You can certainly ask the carrier to do some sort of geographic routing, sending up calls from different area codes on a different DNIS; or you can parse the ANI and use the regions in ICM to direct the call to the correct skill group at the branch. That would work. But you are totally dependent on the WAN being up.

The other alternative is to bring the trunks in at each of the branch offices. The carrier will be able to provide one toll free number to all callers, but group calls coming from certain area codes surrounding the branch to come in on that branch with a certain DNIS.

If you then have UCCE with CVP you can tie all this together and keep the RTP off the WAN. Calls landing on a voice gateway will be handled by agents adjacent to that gateway - on the LAN, in the branch. The WAN is pretty much just for signalling.

If you use CME on the gateway with a minimal B-ACD you could have a good recovery system when the WAN is down. Agent phones will failover to CallManager Express and B-ACD will give you minimal, but effective, queuing of customer calls. The IVR functions of CVP are lost of course, as the WAN is down.

Recording is a bit more of a challenge to design if you are intent on minimizing WAN usage - I think you would be looking at recording off the SPAN ports on the local switch to a local call recording server - could be done with CAD.

Give us some numbers here - did you say 15 branches? How many agents on average at each call center? What's your overall BHCA?



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