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Help on a script for a queue with prompt

We are making a script which it's first step is "for english press one now", otherwise continue with the script in spanish. When the call gets to a queue for an agent to take the call, while the call is queued we are going to play a prompt in spanish and if the person selected english at the beginning of the script we are going to play the same messagge but in english. The problem is that the client recuested that if the call stays in the queue for 45 seconds(all this time playing the prompt in a loop in english if selected english at the beginning of the prompt or in spanish if selected the other path of the script) then we should take the call out of the queue(which is playing the prompt) and send it to another extension. Is there a way to do this? I'm out of ideas already.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Help on a script for a queue with prompt

Absolutely, it's very simple. Use the Redirect step after you're done playing the prompt however many times you need, so if your prompt is 5 seconds long, I am assuming you are playing music in between (you did not provide the details), let's say for 10 seconds, and the prompt again, that makes it 3 loops. Create an integer variable called intCounter, and withing your queue loop check if this varaible is greater than 3 if yes then invoke the redirect step otherwise loop again and increment the intCounter variable.



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Re: Help on a script for a queue with prompt

Chris, the problem is that the prompt won't be music. It will be a message and will change from time to time. So I can't count on what long is the prompt because the lenght will vary.


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Re: Help on a script for a queue with prompt


I think that you can: in ICM script, after "QUEUE TO AGENT (or SKILL GROUP)" node you have "RUN EXTERNAL SCRIPT" (this IVR script will be your Queue message 45 sec. long time) and after node "RUN EXTERNAL SCRIPT" you must have "CANCEL QUEUE" and after "LABEL". in this LABEL you can write your extension number.

If I dont understand your problem, then sorry.



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