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Highest number of concurrent agents

Hi - I am trying to figure out a way to calculate the maximum number of concurrent agents we have had logged into our IPCC system. I know that I can see the current number of agents via the real time reporting but that does not show the maximum number of agents logged in. Does anybody know if there is perhaps a SQL querie that could be ran to gether the information from a historical point of view? We are runninc IPCC Express 4.04. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Highest number of concurrent agents

Here is a query I use to track Concurrent ICM agents, I guess it would be similar for IPCC. It uses the Agent_Half_Hour table and while it isn't exact, it's pretty close to it:

select DateTime, P.EnterpriseName as Periperal,

MRD.EnterpriseName as MRDomain,

ISNULL(Ceiling(sum(LoggedOnTimeToHalf)/1800.0),0) as MaxAgents

from Agent_Half_Hour AHH, Agent AG,

Peripheral P, Media_Routing_Domain MRD

where DateTime between @date_start and @date_end

and AHH.SkillTargetID = AG.SkillTargetID

and AG.PeripheralID = P.PeripheralID

and AHH.MRDomainID = MRD.MRDomainID

group by DateTime, P.EnterpriseName, MRD.EnterpriseName

order by DateTime, P.EnterpriseName, MRD.EnterpriseName

I insert this data into a separate table each night. Monthly I select max(MaxAgents) and group by day to get the busiest half hour each day, and use this for our internal reports.



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