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Holiday Announcement for CCX server and agents in different time zones


I am using IPCCX7.0.

My CCX server are in country A which is 3 hrs behing country B time, where the agents are situated. The caller calls from country B.

For the holiday announcement I am facing the time difference issue in playing holiday announcement.

e.g. caller calls in country B, where the holiday day has already started(since 3 hrs ahead) but CCX server which is three hours behind, and works as per the Holiday XML file where the date is still of the previous day.

I was trying to do 3 hrs manipulation in the Holiday XML file, but not couldn't get much help from the CCX scripting guide-3.

Any body can help or suggest a better way of doing this. Any existing script/example whowing this will also help.



Re: Holiday Announcement for CCX server and agents in different

Hi Rajesh,

Its all application and script dependent so you can have your particular application modify the dates and times to suite your environment.  In this case you may want to store the incoming stats of the call as orignal time/date.  You do your manipulation like adding hours and day etc store this value into a new variable desired day and then pass that to your date check or holiday xml file to process rest of the call.

So inyour holiday check file before you check the date store the desired day as what you like it to be +3hrs.  In my holiday script file I have a variable D[Now] for date field to give me system date.  I would first get current time then add 3 hours if it goes past midnight then I will add a day to my D[Now] variable to get next day as my desired day.  Yoy may want to do the same for your Time of day routing as well.

Good luck,


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