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How do debug a script that deals with call steps?

I know... how could anyone ask such a basic question - but there's nothing in the documentation and I just can't figure it out.

Let's take the aa script as an example. I have it set up on my CRS and it works fine. I also can debug my own scripts that do not contain any call steps (e.g. database lookup stuff) by just opening them in the editor, and pressing F5 to start the process.

So what I tried is launching the CRS editor, opening the aa script (c:\program files\wfavvid\scripts\system\default\aa.aef), set a trigger on the Accept step, and pressed F5 to launch. The script then stops at the accept line. Now I figure I should call the aa, but when I do, the aa script seems to be executed without stopping at the breakpoint. And if I press F10 to continue in the CRS editor, it tells me "Trigger is not a ContactApplicationTrigger" - which is correct. But how do I get the CRS editor to hook into the script that is already deployed on CRS so that I can call in and see what is actually going on?


Re: How do debug a script that deals with call steps?

Never mind - I figured it out and there's no way to delete a post on this board software.

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