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How do i get MOH to keep playing instead of starting over in Queue?

So in my QueueLoop i have the basics





Prompt-"your call is important"

goto (QueueLoop)

The MOH does play during the delay, and is getting the info from the CTI Ports.  However it restarts the song every time it restarts the loop.  When our delay is only a few seconds, this gets old fast.

Is there another way of doing this, either in reconfiguring of the MOH CUCM server, or in the script to allow the song to carry on even if the user is not listeing to it?



Re: How do i get MOH to keep playing instead of starting over in

Actually, you may want to check the MoH audio source as configured in your CUCM system.  Ensure that "play continuously (repeat)" is checked.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: How do i get MOH to keep playing instead of starting over in

Thanks Bill,

I forgot to mention that i have checked that box and am still having the problem.  The only thing i can guess is that the system is under utelized and it only starts playing the MOH when the first person goes to hold (my queue user).

Any other ideas?


Re: How do i get MOH to keep playing instead of starting over in

The problem is the unhold step, the prompt you are playing, and the fact that the MOH source does not start over if there are no other users currently requesting MOH.

If that doesn't make sense, try this test:

Take two more phones and call each other, place one caller on hold and leave it. (these phones should be using the same moh source as the cti ports)

Take the third phone and call into the queue.  The music will not start from the beginning (it could if the timing is right), but rather where your other call on hold is at in the audio.

Technically, if you unhold then hold really quick in a script, the audio will pick right back up where it left off, but you cannot do this because of that play prompt.

Anthony Holloway

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Re: How do i get MOH to keep playing instead of starting over in


As Anthony said before...the third phone will not hear the MoH from the beggining. From the CUCM Admin Guide:

"Multicast music on hold conserves system resources. Multicast allows multiple users to use the same audio source stream to provide music on hold. Multicast audio sources associate with an IP address.

Unicast music on hold, the system default, uses a separate source stream for each user or connection. Users connect to a specific device or stream.

The MOH feature causes any party that gets placed on hold to hear the same point of the audio source that is streaming, regardless of when the party is placed on hold.

If you are using the MOH to deliver a spoken announcement when a party is placed on hold, the standard MOH configuration can create a problem. Users do not hear the announcement from the beginning, except for the first party that gets placed on hold: other parties join the announcement (audio source) in progress.

Both multicast and unicast configurations present the same audio-source behavior to held parties. Each audio source gets used once, and the stream gets split internally and gets sent to the held parties. The only difference between multicast and unicast, in this case, is how the data itself gets sent over the network.

Thus, basic MOH configuration is unsuitable for playing announcements that users must hear from the beginning.

"CTI devices do not support the multicast Music On Hold feature. If a CTI device is configured with a multicast MOH device in the media resource group list of the CTI device, call control issues may result. CTI devices do not support multicast media streaming. "


Super Bronze

Re: How do i get MOH to keep playing instead of starting over in


It's been a while since I looked at this, but I'm fairly sure that if you enable multicast MoH the CCMs will continually spew each source out onto the network. This effectively makes it do as you wish - continually play without restarting.

Some points of note:

- As pointed out earlier, CTI ports don't support multicast. What this means is you should not ask the CTI ports to receive Mcast MoH. In reality, you've no need to play unicast or mcast MoH to UCCX as UCCX doesn't need to be entertained in that way. Have a dedicated MRGL assigned to UCCX, with no MoH resources.

- Your gateways (and internal phones as well, if that is your requirement) would have to be capable of receiving the mcast MoH stream from at least one CCM server, and you would have to be careful about ensuring that you don't ask them to receive mcast MoH from a server that can't route multicast to the endpoints.

- Probably worth searching the forums for multicast moh related posts and reading the SRND as it's not as straightforward as ucast and may require some mods to your network.



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Re: How do i get MOH to keep playing instead of starting over in

I am running in to the same situation... I have been using the canned music (Source1) and its "looping" the way I want (Not necessarily starting from the beginning). After uploading a new Audio file it is no longer looping "continuously" and is now starting from the beginning. I don't have multicast enabled for the canned music but it loops. I don't understand why its working for canned audio source but not the new one.