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How do I install cadlink.exe

ok, When one of my customer service reps answer the phone a message pops up - error luanching application. Basically it can't find cadlink.exe. Is this suppose to be on the agent desktop or on the server. When I'm looking at the Cisco desktop Administrator on the server and I click on Doanswered (actions of the current rule) a box opens up that says Launching external Application Action setup.  In the path of the application it says c:\program files\cisco systemcuccclient\cadlink.exe. I can't find this on either the server or the agent.

1. Where is this suppose to be installed?

2. How do I install it?

The system was setup before I took the job so I have zero knowledge of how it is suppose to work nor have I had any training.  So I am hoping (and praying) that somebody here can point me in the right direction to get this resolved. I don't even know what this will do when it works properly. The reps don't either because they said it has never worked. Thanks for reading and hopefully posting to help me out.

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Re: How do I install cadlink.exe

This would be on the PC and I believe was/is part of a Call Connector for Microsoft CRM 3 to do screen pops.  The short answer since you already found the workflow would be to just remove the action. The more complicated answer depends on whether you have some integration that should be working but isn't.

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