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How do you have your UCCX setup?

Hello everybody, I just wanted to get some information from everybody as far as how they're UCCX is currently setup. The reason I'm asking is it seems like right now our UCCX is clunky.

We do services for many different organizations so we have to dial out with our phone number masked as that organization. So the way it's setup right now is that an agent will pick up the phone, the phone does an off-hook dial into the UCCX. So for instance you pick up a phone it actually dials 6503 and a script is then played asking "what number do you want to use?" and if you type in 111 and then the phone number you want to dial it will mask Acme Industries and if you dial 112 and then the phone number it will mask as another company.

That off-hook dialing seems to cause us a lot of problems, particularly with reporting and it will duplicate everything in our Call Recording system. There has got to be a better way isn't there? It seems weird to me that UCCX and Call Manager seem to be so seperate of each other and not working together.

So I'm just curious how everyone has their system setup, maybe there is a better way to do what we're doing without all the hassle of off-hook dialing.

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Re: How do you have your UCCX setup?

I can see the motivation behind this design if it was done properly: this gives you an opportunity for reporting outbound calls by customer based on the account code entered.

There is no method for an user to modify the ANI information directly for a call they make (inside or outside of the call center). JTAPI provides an option to the CCX server to transform this for calls it makes though.

If you want UC Manager to do this work instead, you could add access codes in the form of dial patterns that perform calling party transformation. This just shifts the workload on to UCM but accomplishes the same thing, minus the reporting (all you would see on agent statistics is an outbound call and the pattern dialed).

I guess a third option would be to use CUAE and write an application on the phone that gives the agent the same options: number to dial, and caller ID to use... but again, this is just moving the same work to another server.

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