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How many types of Script in ICM and wht are the basic Components u need to create before Creating a script ?

     Hi All,

                   first of all thanks for your all previous replies.It gave me a better understanding of Script.But still i have some doubts mentioned below.

          •      How Many types of script we can make in ICM and ICM with CVP.
          •      In diff types of Script where we need to upload the IVR's. and in which formate.
          •      wht are the basic things we need to create for a script like CSQ,agents,IVR,Welcome Promt etc
          •       For the following mentioned Call flow what are the nodes we need to put in Scripts. and whr to upload the IVR's for then in Diff-   types of script

                        is coming at 5555 as a dialed no.

                                     2. call is hiting a IVR Saying Welcom to XYZ company.

                                     3. Please press 1 for Service Desk,press 2 to enter a direct Extn. or press 3 for voicemail option

                                     4. if Press 1 call will go to Service Desk CSQ, there call will wait for 60 sec if no agents available and then agan same msg at

                                         point 3. for leaving a voice mail.

                                     5. call will be end.

  • For this script what are the setting i need to do at every device.

I am looking forward for the solutations on the same.

Thanks in Advance   

Ravi Sharma



Re: How many types of Script in ICM and wht are the basic Compon

Your question is far too broad. Read the Cisco documentation first - it covers all of that. You need to do your homework.



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