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How often does HDS synch with logger?

in 462 + 6.0. If I use ICMDBA to synch them, are there any side effects?


Re: How often does HDS synch with logger?

The Recovery process on the ICM Loggers and the Replication process on the HDSs use the retention settings. By default, the purge occurs at 12:30 a.m. [0030]. The purge continues until the process has reduced space utilization to 80 percent. But if database utilization is much greater than 80 percent, the purge process continues to run outside of the normal schedule. Over time, this overrun results in instability and loss of data.


Re: How often does HDS synch with logger?

Don't know how often. It depends on your router and logger performance and HDS. Normally, they are very fast within 1/2 hour or so but it does depend on the performance, connectivity etc.

I would not advise on using ICMDBA to synch up HDS and loggers. Between Loggers, it is ok. and between 2HDS's it is ok. but I would not advise between HDS and logger just because Logger contains very less information (the last XX days) as configured while install.

I would advise you to try this. Go to HDS SQL Query analyzer. Run the command "truncate table Recovery" and check if the missing Logger data replictes to HDS. Normally, this will do the trick.

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