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How to Access IPCC UCCX database?

Dear All,

I am using UCCX version 8.5 and want to access its database.

reading another post i have downloaded Squirrel Sql client  But i dont know the name of the database, name of informix server, and the port number for informix.

Please help me out or suggest an appropriate way to access the database schema.


Your co-operation in this matter will be highly appreciated.


Best regards,

Bureera Sabir


Hi,you probably want to read


you probably want to read this blog post:

This document helps you connect to the UCCX database using the excellent Squirrel SQL tool:

You will have to download and install the Informix JDBC driver, available here:

Good luck.


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Dear Gergely,I have read that

Dear Gergely,

I have read that pdf and installed informix drivers and squirrel sql client. but still i am unable to connect to database schema because i dont know the details of parameters

db name: i have tried db_cra

port number: i put it default 1526

but this didnt helped me out :(

Best regards

Bureera Sabir

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this is the exact Example url

this is the exact Example url i am giving


and website URL is

and class name as described in tutorial


so please suggest a way so that i come up with a solution

Again, please read carefully

Again, please read carefully the following blog post:

It explains how to obtain the database name.

I don't know where you are getting that port, but it's certainly not 1526. IPCCAdministrator_uccx does not seem to be good, either.

I have a working example for you: jdbc:informix-sqli://;DELIMIDENT=y;

The server's hostname is ivra, and the IP address is


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