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how to access to the SQL DataBase - uccx 7.0

hi, i am trying to access to the sql data base, but i dont see the sql query analyzer installed, but i clearlly see SQL server running, how can i check the DB? and normally which login and password does cisco use to connect to it?


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Re: how to access to the SQL DataBase - uccx 7.0

My first post, I hope it's helpfull.

The way we did it was to create a new user in Windows on the UCCX server and then log into a PC with the same user and password and run the SQL management tools from there.

You can add a sql server login once you're in there.  We were told that this would break historical reporting somehow, but we don't use that feature anyways.

Re: how to access to the SQL DataBase - uccx 7.0


By default UCCX installs SQL Server Express/MSDE hence why you see no query analyzer. You'll need to install SQL Server 2000 to get the tools to manage it.

Tanner Ezell
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Re: how to access to the SQL DataBase - uccx 7.0

A few comments on this thread:

  1. As a follow-on to installing Microsoft SQL 2000 to get management tools: You cannot install this using standard Microsoft SQL Server media. You must use the customized version that is available as a Cisco part number for CCX. Your partner can provide you a quote on this.
  2. It is definitally not advisable do anything not explicitly documented. The Historical Reporting Administrator and Developer Guide provides available options to you. If you are running MSDE, your management tool options are the CLI commands. If you want Enterprise Manager and other related tools, you will need to order the full SQL Server SKU.
    You need to consider CCX as a "black box" appliance. Starting in 8.0, all of the rules will be enforced by transitioning to the sealed Linux OS model.
  3. CCX uses Windows Authentication using the local Administrator account to interact with SQL locally. Changing to mixed mode will break CCX unless you are running 7.0(1)SR4 or higher; even then it is not recommended.
  4. Remember that if you "go off the reservation" and do something that is not documented, you are not supported by Cisco or any sane partner for that matter. No TAC support, nothing.
  5. If you are not using the historical reporting features of CCX then I question why.  This is a significant reason for buying the product, especially with CCX over IP IVR. You may want to review the Historical Reports User Guide again to see if there is useful reporting data for you.
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Re: how to access to the SQL DataBase - uccx 7.0

In reply to Jonathan,

Do you think all the data an organization needs to report on about a phone call is covered in Historical Reporting?

Some organization, like ours, also use internal applications to track data about specific phone calls.  We like to have reports that integrate both systems.  In order to facilitate this, we do a nightly extract from the CCX database to our own reporting database.  This accomplishes a couple of things.

1.  All report data is in one database making it easier to create reports and ad-hoc queries.

2.  It's typically not wise to allow users to run ad-hoc queries and such against production databases.  Because we extract the data, we keep the CCX database "on task".

Turning on mixed-mode authentication is documented and does work.  Interestingly enough our Historical Reporting still works as well even though we don't use it and were told they wouldn't.

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Re: how to access to the SQL DataBase - uccx 7.0

I am definitely not stating that the canned HR reports provide every useful data point or representation of what happened in CCX. What I was saying is that mixed mode was known to break CCX until 7.0(1)SR4 and that there is a documented process (DTS export) for doing this.

I was also cautioning against deviating beyond anything that Cisco documents because it will eventually break. When Cisco tells you that you are on your own because of what you did, that's a bad day and I have seen customers in that position. Band aid workarounds to product limitations are not worth doing IMO.

Re: how to access to the SQL DataBase - uccx 7.0

I fully agree with Jonathan. It is a suck position to be in when you get kicked in the face by TAC because you didn't do it exactly as they describe. (On the flip side, TAC hasn't been overly useful, for me anyway, with regards to UCCX).

Tanner Ezell
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