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How to bulk delete Call Type Schedules in ICM 7 (maybe via DB)?


     I need to delete all of my ICM scripts but the call type schedules are killing me.

We don 't have that many scripts but 2 of our scripts have about 400+ call types associated to each of them (call type schedules) and I don't want to delete them one by one.

I see the t_Call_Type_Map table has all the configured call type schedules so I figured that I could just go to that table and delete a bunch in one shot but there's got to be another location since it still doesn't allow me to delete the script in the Script Explorer.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Re: How to bulk delete Call Type Schedules in ICM 7 (maybe via D

Sorry, but you can't do it that way.

You are probably looking at the t_Call_Type_Map table on the AWDB, but it is a slave of the Logger. It has no meaning of itself.

The configuration changes using the Config Manager or Script Editor follow a complicated path - up the real time feed to the Router, the Router asks the Logger, the Logger asks SQL, and if the change works OK, it comes back to the Router, the Router changes what is in memory, and changes are broadcast to all AWs on the system who then change their AWDB.

You "may" be able to bring the system down, run a SQL update on the Logger, bring up that side, synchronize to side B using ICMDBA, then start teh other side and make sure the two Routers and Loggers are in sync. Just so dangerous.

You will have to do it manually.



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