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How to call a variable defined in one script to another script


Can any one help us.

we have installed IPCC Express 4.0.4 with HA.

We have three scripts.Main script, password script, vip script.

The call flow is we dial a trigger point that invokes main script.In the main script A helpdeskmenu.wav plays 'press 1 for password'.When we press 1 we go to subflow "password script".In the password script we have employeetype.wav file that plays 'press 1 if ur regular employee, press 2 if ur id starts with 'X',press 3 if ur id starts with 'C'.When we select 1 option, and enter the employee id for eg '2011', we have oracle database where we run the query and check whether the id is VIP or not.Also for getting agent popup (corrosponding agent details for the employee number entered)we have defined variables in the script as well as in the agent desktop administrator . If the id is non-vip then the call goes to the normal queue.If the id is VIP, then the call is made to go to subflow VIP script. The vip csq has set to priority 10.

The problem what we are facing is when employee enter his employee id that is not vip,we get cti popup for that employeee details,but when we enter employee id that is vip, we don't get relevent information on the cti popup as we are getting on password flow, that's because we have defined local variables in password script and we are storing the employee number in the local variable of password script which we are mapping with the Enterpise desktop administrator.

We have tried using input/output variables in the call subflow node as well. For eg. We have Emp_Num variable in Password script where we are storing employee id which employee enters and we have one Emp_VIP_Num in VIP script which we are matching in the VIP subflow. But to our disappointment its not working for us.

And in VIP script we are not quering the database as we are doing it in password script. Im VIP we are just queueing the call with high priority.

Can someone please help us in acheiving this. We will appreciate.


Sandeep Karan


Re: How to call a variable defined in one script to another scri

For custom scripting issue contact Cisco Advanced services or Cisco Developer support at the following link

IPCC CRS scripting best effort support is provided on the following Cisco Mailer:

For more information refer to this link

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