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How to create a script-?

Guys I need help. I have been dreaming of becoming a contact center express specialist for a while now. But each time I go online to find out about books and study material I get a lot of discouragement. After my ccna, most of my studies have been self-study but I can’t seem to find a Cisco self-study book for contact center.

I think my greatest concern is related to creating scripts. This is my greatest fear and problem. Whiles I was studying unity I did try to understand scripting but I ended up being able to apply scripts that were already prepared by Cisco. I need to learn how to build a script from ground up. Most importantly, I need to understand how to understand some of the characters and expressions used in scripting.

Refer me to books, websites, papers etc. any information is great. I am really ready to go anywhere and everywhere. However, I’m a bit short of cash.


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Re: How to create a script-?

The most important thing to understand about CCX is that the scripts are Java. Sure there is a GUI that abstracts a lot of this from you; however, it is still an IDE and you are writing Java code. The prebuilt Java beans [steps] can only take you so far. I find myself adding raw Java code into my scripts more often than not to make them do what I want. If you are not a programmer already, you will struggle to flourish with CCX scripting. You would do yourself a huge favor by taking a few semesters of programming classes at your local community college first.

As for study materials: There are no published books at present that walk you through CCX soup-to-nuts. Your only options are the Cisco Learning courses UCCXD and UCCXA or the product documentation. The documentation is great for those who understand the product but it can be a little bit of challange to get your head around the product based solely on the documentation.

My suggestion is to start with the getting started guide, release notes and SRND document. The UCCXD and UCCXA classes are really great, especially if you have a good instructor who knows the product. If you can get your employer to pay for them, they are the way to go.

Lastly, there are a few scripts available publically that you can use as a reference in the Cisco Contact Center Express Script Repository.

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Re: How to create a script-?

you're a great guy. Thanks for helping

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